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Never is too late to start taking care of yourself

Pilates Practice at the Studio
Yoga at home with Sol Corfield



Lack of exercise and mobility?

Do you want to work your PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES and ABDOMINALS?

Do you want an individual plan for your necessities?

You are at the right place!

Let me help you achieve your goals with a private PILATES, YOGA or FITNESS session at your home or online!

You will feel re-energised, taller, stronger, and with a lighter feeling inside your body. Pilates is a premium workout where you move your body in all the planes safely. Yoga is the ultimate restorative method to connect your body with your would. Any Fitness session can help you to tone and get a stronger body and mind.

Pilates can help you reduce stress, weight loss, reduce back pain and headaches and increase your flexibility and strength.​

"Pilates is being aware and conscious of your body and posture in your lifestyle. I can't wait to meet you in person and start designing the body you want!"  - Sol


You only need a mat and a big smile to start relaxing your shoulders, feeling leaner and longer.

Book your first session now and start feeling the difference!

48hrs cancellation policy applied to all bookings.

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