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Beaches are a crucial part of our environment, and I'm dedicated to keeping them clean for future generations to enjoy.

Join me in this effort to protect our oceans and beaches. Why not organize your own beach cleanups in a fun way to make a difference while enjoying the beach? 

Imagine collecting three pieces of plastic every time you visit the beach or the river?

Use your voice, your actions matter!


As someone who deeply cares about our oceans, I am proud to be part of the
LivingSeas Foundation.

Our mission is simple: to restore coral reefs and provide a safe home for marine life. Our team of experts is passionate about marine conservation and the resurgence of coral species.

If you share the same passion and want to help us rewild the ocean,  join us in our adventure to save our oceans.
Planting corals in Padangbai, Bali
coral restoration
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